Leshan’s Buddha

In the morning we (me, a Danish couple and one Swiss) woke up at 7 and caught a bus to Leshan around 10. It was supposed to take 2 hours to get there, but I guess there was some kind of rush hour or the bus driver was slow or something because we got to Leshan around 1pm. From the bus station we took another bus (no. 13) to rainy Great Buddha Park.

[Leshan is famous for its 71-meter-tall and 1200-year-old Buddha statue which is carved into the rock. It’s facing the Dadu-river which crosses the Leshan city with two other rivers. The Buddha was built there in hope, it to calm the wild river waters and after 90 years of building the Buddha the river waters did actually calm down. Was it the calming effect of the Buddha or because of all the rocks from sculpting that ended up into the river during the construction…? You never know.] 


After seeing the great Buddha, I stayed in the Buddha area for a while longer to see some gardens there. The others took bus to have a lunch in central Leshan and then to go back to Chengdu.

I took a bus to central Leshan later as well and  wandered around there a while.

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